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Eye and Vision

Eye and Vision

The image passes through the eye to the rear of the retina and information is transmitted to the

brain via the optic nerve. Common eye problems include cataract, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and

blindness and other vision problems. Healthy vision and function of the eye are critical and the

eye is the organ of vision.

The following products may be useful:

Medical Grade NASA Spinoff Technology Developed for The Astronaut Program Under A Space

Act Agreement.

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You’re a superhero, you know. Every day you fight off invisible toxins determined to take you down. You’re engaged in a daily battle against radiation, pollution and sunlight that want to knock the cape off your shoulders and keep you down for the count.


Luckily, you don’t have to battle alone. With AS 10® Life, you have weapons and tools in your arsenal that can make a difference. Bioflavonoids to support your immune system. Carotenoids to support eye health and night vision. Natural compounds to support healthy aging. Chelated minerals that are absorbed better by your body. All these ingredients, working together to keep you healthy and strong.


We co-developed the formulation for AS 10® Life with NASA to support astronaut health in outer space. Protection against radiation and oxidative stress was a priority, and we kept that emphasis when the formulation was adapted for use on Earth. Imagine having that kind of shield for your daily battles. You’ll win the day every time.* 

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A beautiful sunrise. The comforting smile of a friend. Your drive home. All of these sights are brought to you courtesy of your eyes. Deep inside your eye, your retina and macula work together to process light, send messages to your brain and provide sharp, central vision for tasks like driving and reading.  


Exposure to sunlight, exposure to blue light from your cell phone, poor diet choices and low humidity can wreak havoc on your eyes. Structures are damaged, cells die off and lubrication vanishes. Remember that one time you took a flight to the mountains and your eyes felt like sandpaper the whole time? Low humidity from airplane cabins and in high altitudes deplete the natural moisture of the eye, making blinking a painful chore.


Your eyes are witness to incredible sights. They process complex information on a constant basis and help you navigate the world around you. Protect them with a scientifically-designed blend of ingredients that support total eye health.

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Omega Max


Your brain is a pretty important organ. It controls your body and keeps all your systems running. Everything from blinking to your heartbeat to your dreams, your brain is in charge of a lot of processes, often all at once. It’s a wrinkly, spongy data center with messages constantly streaming in and out. Your own personal computer.

With age, your brain starts to change. New concepts become harder to learn and that one person’s name is no longer on the tip of your tongue. Although it’s a natural part of aging, you want to stay on top of your game. You want to keep your computer running smoothly and without error.

Supply your super brain with omega-3 fish oil for superior performance. Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in preserving your mental health and preventing mental decline. And as an added bonus, omega-3 fish oils also support your healthy anti-inflammatory response and heart health. It’s total support, starting with your brain.

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