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Combined with a variety of antioxidants, to achieve the most ideal state
Vitamin E
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Vitamin A

AS 10: Using biorelease™ technology, developed jointly with NASA Comprehensive anti-aging by regulating hormonal balance

If you start to get tired easily, lose your physical strength,energy, often get sick.

Well, the hormonal balance in your body has been disordered or even disintegrated.

In fact, the body contains more than 100 hormones, such as:

  • Melatonin synthesized in the pineal gland of the brain

  • Thyroid hormones

  • Insulin

  • Testosterone (male)

  • Ovarian (female) estrogen

For men and women, there are different types of representative hormones. For example, male hormones can be divided into different categories, the most representative of which is "testosterone" (Testosterone), female hormones are represented by "estrogen" (Estrogen).

Hormones are produced in the body, and they flow through the blood to each of the active organs, maintaining the best functioning of the organs. It will change with age and environment, even in a month or even a day.Hormones can neither be too much nor too little, it needs to be balanced. Although more than 100 hormones play a different role in the body, they are associated with each other.

Hormones can keep the body young and healthy, but over the age of 20, hormones begin to decrease as they grow older, and those who are especially over 40 years of age have a sharp drop in hormones. Once the hormone falls below the body's needs, the hormonal balance will disintegrate, the body's aging rate will accelerate, and the disease will follow.

The main cause of hormonal imbalance is the excessive amount of reactive oxygen in the body.


The root of all evil -- reactive oxygen species (ORS)

Reactive oxygen species(ROS) is a highly active substance produced in human body's oxidative metabolic process and natural defense system.

Rctive oxygen is not always harmful to the human body, such as it can eliminate invading bacteria and so on. Its content in the body needs of the range is beneficial "reactive oxygen", but if a large number of production will make the hormonal balance is destroyed, reactive oxygen species can be harmful to the body - oxidizing damage cells and genes, accelerating aging and easily causing disease.

But it is important to avoid an increase in active oxygen in the body, unless necessary.


Types of reactive oxygen species

There are many kinds of types of reactive oxygen species, of which the representative has four:

  1. Superoxide

Superoxide is produced when the body takes in oxygen and converts three nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat) into energy. When viruses or foreign bodies invade the body, they are first released in large quantities, repelling foreign bodies, but once released in excess, they become hydroxyl radicals, a malignant reactive oxygen species.

  1. Single oxygen

This is reactive oxygen produced in skin and eyes through ultraviolet rays and radiation. Like ultraviolet radiation, a single dose of oxygen is beneficial to the body as long as it is appropriate, but if it is excessive, wrinkles, freckles, color spots, and even cataracts will continue to occur.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a natural superoxide free radical scavenging factor in the body. It can convert harmful reactive oxygen species into hydrogen peroxide, but if hydrogen peroxide is excessive, it will still become hydroxyl free.


  1. Hydroxyl radical

It is the most oxidizing reactive oxygen species, tens of times more toxic than hydrogen peroxide, and can damage genes and cell membranes, or impair hormonal balance, causing cancer, aging and lifestyle-related diseases. No enzyme can easily defeat hydroxyl radicals in the body. In other words, in order not to cause excessive reactive oxygen species, it is necessary to avoid the generation and increase of hydroxyl radicals.


The cause of increased reactive oxygen species

The sources of ROS are internal and external, The external including air pollution, ionizing radiation, infection, smoking and poison invasion.The internal aspect is generated by the oxidation reaction of human body 9 the electron transport chain of granulosomes..

Common causes:

  • Pressure

  • Increase in age

  • Ultraviolet (uv),

  • Irregular life (lack of sleep, etc.) 

  • overeating

  • Intense exercise

  • Smoking

  • Some of the food additives

  • Radioactive material

Excessive ROS can damage the stability of the antioxidant defense system in the body. Since these oxidative substances with unpaired electrons contain quite active chemical properties, they can attack many molecules in the body and cause oxidative damage in the organism.


Hormone replacement therapy ——Inhibits the increase of reactive oxygen species

The key point in hormone replacement therapy is adjusting hormonal balance to inhibit the increase of reactive oxygen species. Specific methods include regular and adequate sleep, proper exercise, enjoying life, dressing up, maintaining a pleasant mood and heterosexual contact, etc.

It is also important to consume large amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants come in a wide variety of nutrients, such as:

  • Astaxanthin  (salmon, etc.)

  • lycopene  (tomato, etc.)

  • Tea (green tea, etc.)

  • Coenzyme Q10 (sardines, pork, etc.)

  • Carotene

  • Vitamin A (liver, eel, etc.)

  • Vitamin E (eel, jute, almond, etc.)

  • Vitamin C (lemon, etc.)

But the list is only a small part of the antioxidant component. Astaxanthin is the most potent antioxidant among these antioxidants, but even if it has strong antioxidant activity, it is not effective for all kinds of reactive oxygen species.

The body needs antioxidants that are effective for all reactive oxygen species.

Although food with strong antioxidant effect is called antioxidant, but to suppress the increase in reactive oxygen, we must choose a variety of antioxidant food. But this is a relatively inefficient and difficult way to achieve it. Therefore, the combination of antioxidants, hormone replacement therapy with the ability to antioxidant ultimate ideal supplement - "AS 10" is  the best choice.


AS 1O: the ultimate antioxidant supplement developed in conjunction with NASA

"AS 10" is a 12-year study by Dr. Jefrey A. Jones, a Professor of space medicine at Baylor College of develop an antioxidant formula based on cosmic development and nutrition, in conjunction with NASA.

Protect the body from cataracts, muscle degeneration, skin cancer and other diseases caused by radiation and oxidative stress. Now .It is available for US astronauts in the space station.


Astronauts:Support  more than 10 times more active oxygen damage on the earth.

Astronauts (astronauts) are the most vulnerable to reactive oxygen species (ROS) on Earth. Without the protection of the Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere, astronauts will be exposed to high levels of radiation. The amount of radiation a day is equal to the average radiation on Earth for about half a year. Strong radiation can penetrate human tissues and cause long-term damage to cells. Long-term life in the space ship, mental and psychological state is also affected.


This series of harsh conditions have caused astronauts to suffer tremendous damage from reactive oxygen species, more than 10 times, or even more, on Earth.


Aging on Earth takes time to increase, but in space it is very fast.

  • Muscle declines twice times the rate of bedridden people

  • Bones decay  10 times times as fast as osteoporosis.

If the problem of " huge reactive oxygen injury" cannot be solved, astronauts will suffer from various diseases. Based on this, "AS 10" appears.

"As10", a means anti oxidant (anti-oxidant), S for synargy (multiplying effect), the number 10 represents 10 kinds of antioxidant ingredients,That is, as 10 is the multiplying effect of 10 antioxidant components.As 10 combines these antioxidant components into the ultimate antioxidant ideal, thereby inhibiting the effect of increasing the number of reactive oxygen species.


 These 10 ingredients are:

  • Astaxanthin

  • Lycopene

  • Vitamin A

  • selenium

  • Lipoic acid

  • Vitamin E

  • Quercetin

  • Pine bark extract

  • Lutein

  • Resveratrol


In addition to ingredients, stringent pharmaceutical standards and up to 95% bioavailability make as 10 an unprecedented and powerful antioxidant mountain dietary supplement.


  • Pharma-IQ™ Standards

Nugevity developed Modeled after pharmaceutical quality control systems——Pharma-IQ™ , as a total quality program that ensures consistency, predictability, safety and efficacy, often exceeding existing requirements for pharmaceutical products.


  • BioRelease™Technology


Nugevity products featuring Biorelease™ Technology consistently achieve a dissolution rate of 95% or more, ensuring that virtually all of the nutrients are fully released and bioavailable – a feat that is unparalleled in the world of nutritional supplementation.


However, men and women's bodies are not the same. Why are all the health foods in the market single?


Gender difference medicine says that "men have different medical methods and women have different medical methods." In fact, the so-called "gender difference medicine" in the final analysis is that the male and female body hormones are different, the dominant function is also somewhat different.

In addition to the obvious improvement of antioxidant capacity (SOD activity), the effects and feelings of AS10 on men and women are also different.

For Man

  1. Increased mental concentration , not easy to get tired

  2. Increase visual clarity

  3. Reduce the speed of body aging

  4. Maintain high quality sleep quality, wake up no longer tired and fatigue

  5. Maintain a healthy body and performance

  6. Prevent the decline of testosterone

For Woman

  1. Restore skin luster, delicate and moist

  2. Increase your body's metabolism

  3. Maintain high quality sleep quality, wake up no longer tired and fatigue

  4. Prevents hair loss, helps repair hair and promotes regeneration

  5. Prevent estrogen drop


If you often feel tired, the skin becomes rough, or hope to prevent diseases in a healthy body, or if you are in menopause, be sure to try As 10.

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